Happy Blogversary to me!

It’s my anniversary with WordPress!  Yay!  Happy 3 Years!  Thanks for all the follows even when I am not being active, but I am trying, I promise.  An update on my life, I started grad school so I take 2 classes every 8 weeks.  My first two classes are Tax Planning & Decision Making, and Financial Statement Analysis.  (I know you’re probably like, ew tax lol).  I’m about to finish up my first two classes this week, and then I start two new ones the 23rd.  I am set to graduate in July 2018.

Anyways, I picked up a new highlighting palette from Sephora and it is actually from the Sephora Collection.  I know some people are sleeping on Sephora Collection, but they are coming out with some awesome products, they already have and the price is decent/affordable.  It is $28 and it is the Illuminate palette.
Image result for sephora collection illuminate palette
Related imageI have more to show you guys, but that will be for the future posts!

Happy Monday!


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