Amy in a Nutshell

Week 1:

So I decided to do this weekly.  This whole catching up with my life kind of thing.  I also want to do an “Ask Amy.”  You can leave comments/questions under any post and ask me questions from what my favorite color is to what I like to read or wear, where I’m from kind of questions.  It’ll be a post where I’ll answer your questions! 😊

Anyways, so here’s what’s been going on this past week. I am a high school cheer coach and my girls just had Regionals on Wednesday.  WE ARE GOING TO STATE!  JV and Varsity is!  I coach the JV team.  Needless to say, I was barely getting any sleep.  My life is literally work and cheer, lol.  It’s what I’m passionate about.

I also make time to hang out with friends, like tonight, I am going to Cheesecake Factory with a few friends that I used to work retail with.  If you’ve been to Cheesecake Factory, what do you order?

That picture up there, I made myself into an emoji or bitmoji, I guess. It’s from the bitmoji app and you create your own avatar. It’s pretty cool.

Well, beauties ask me questions for my first “Ask Amy” post!  Also, check out my previous post about my recent favorites.



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