Hope you all had a safe and wonderful 4th of July holiday!

Haven’t done favorites in a while!  Here are some products I’ve been loving and a new one that I’ve tried and love!  Enjoy!

The first one I use all the time before I use foundation, it is the Marc Jacobs coconut primer.  I LOVE THIS PRIMER!  It’s not greasy and it smells good.  I got this at Sephora and retails for $44.  It’s definitely worth it.  One pump goes a long way.  The second favorite is the foundation brush from Milani.  I don’t want to use another foundation brush, but THIS ONE! 🙂  It retails for $16 and the brush is soft and it applies evenly on my face.

The third favorite is the 350 Shimmer palette.  I have the all matte 350 Neutral palette and when the shimmer one came out, I had to get it!  This is from Morphe.  It is about $23.  Ships fast and easy too!  The matte lip creme is from Milani.  It is in the color Amour, and it smells like a vanilla cupcake.  I love mattes.  Remember, my secret with any matte lipstick is to apply a chapstick before I start my makeup routine.

Best Damn Lip Mask, this is from Nicole Guerriero’s beauty line.  She is one of my favorite beauty vloggers and her lip mask is so hydrating, and I usually put this on before I start my makeup and before I go to sleep.  You can get it at Best Damn Beauty.  There is a promo code for 20% and I believe its’s: THANKYOU.  The other favorite is Tarte’s Rainforest Amazonian Highlight palette and this highlighting and setting palette is BOMB!  I use it when I wanna go full out with makeup.  I loveeeeeee this!  The brush that comes with it is awesome an necessary (to me) as well! 🙂

Last, but certainly not least, NYX’s HD finishing powder.  If you don’t wanna spend a chunk of change on a high end finishing powder, this is the way to go!  It retails for $8-$10, I believe.  I got it from Ulta and decided to try it one day, and I use it to set my concealer.  The last one is my new product that I recently used because you all know my obsession with new mascaras that come out.  This is Maybelline’s Butterfly Sculpt mascara and when it shows you on the package of how your lashes will be after you apply it, it does not lie!  My lashes were amazing!  It literally looked like it was winged out.  The brush is different, if you look at the picture or google the mascara, it will show you what the brush looks like.  I also purchased this at ulta for $7.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the favorites and talk through.

Happy Tuesday!



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