Tarte Thursday

So not exactly tart Thursday because there’s Marc Jacobs and Anastasia thrown in there, but it sounds nice. πŸ’πŸ» anyways, since Sephora had their 10-15% off sale, thought I would splurge because I also had a $20 gift card!

So Tarte is one of the brands that I was always iffy about, but I always loved their limited edition/seasonal products!  I decided to pick up their rainforest of the sea products, and WOW!  I am in love! 😍 I tried all of these products.  Their gel face wash is amazing!  I used it with my MiaFit Clarisonic and my face was so soft the next morning, and it brightened my face. I felt really refreshed and awake even from using it the night before!  It also foams up as you’re cleansing your face.
Next, I’m all about highlighters as well so I got the highlighter palette and the brush (sold separately).  Starting from left to right, the first color is called, Sunlight and it is to highlight above the brow, cheeks, nose, basically where the sun would naturally hit your face.  The middle, I used it to set my concealer.  The color is called filtered light.  Lastly, the third color is called, Moonlight.  I used this on my cheeks. Talk about highlight being on point! I also used the brush that I bought, and I love it! 


PS: I’m wearing Milani’s Amore lip Creme in Adore.
So for the random products that I enter to try, I absolutely love the Marc Jacobs coconut primer!  I used it before my foundation and got a flawless look!  I also bought the Anastasia brow pencil because everyone seems to by hyped up about it.  Thought I would try it. I never fill in my brows, currently still learning.  Then, I just used 100 of my points to try the EsteΓ© Lauder makeup remover.  I think it’s a temover and cleanser so we will see how it works!

Well, I hope you ladies enjoyed this post!  I know I still have some swatches to do for you all.  It’s getting there!  Tax season is almost over for me, plus I’ve had cheer tryouts to conduct this whole week!

Happy Thursday, beauties!

XO πŸ’‹


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