Happy Thursday beauties!

If you haven’t heard of this line by Nicole Guerriero, you’ve been missing out!  She is my number one beauty vlogger on YouTube.  Check her out sometime!  She came out with a line called “Best Damn Beauty” and it is literally the best!  I always mention how you should invest in your skin and how you should take care of it because we’re only getting older.  So let’s get started!

I got the AM Routine, and it’s so much better to get a bundle than to get just one thing since it can get pricey, but don’t worry Nicole gives everyone a coupon for everything.  I decided to try to Best Damn Cleanser, which brightens your face and deep cleanses and moisturizes your face.  I’ve been feeling a difference in my face.  Next follows the Serum which tightens, smooths, and protects your skin.  The facial spray next to it is for day or night time for refreshed and glowy skin, and you can use it as a setting spray  if you’d like. Last, but certainly not least is what EVERYONE has been raging about so I had to get it and try it!  Ya know, see what the fuss was all about!  It is the Best Damn Lip Mask, and let me tell you, talk about MOISTURIZE!  I put it on before I go to sleep and it hydrates my lips so well.

The price for all of this was only $79!  Not even, it was 20%!  If you decide to check out the site: Best Damn Beauty the coupon code for anything you want to try is THANKYOU.  Takes 20% off.

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