Sorry it’s been so long lovely followers, but here’s the scoop.  It’s my last year of college! 😁☺️ I graduate in May and this semester I got an accounting internship during tax season so that explains everything right there!  I worked many many hours for 2.5 months, and yesterday was tax day! To my fellow/future accountants, here’s to you!

Anyways, saw on Ulta’s website that there was a 40% off sale for Maybelline, Revlon, NYX, and Physicians formula.  The above picture is what I bought, of course. πŸ™‚

I need a wide tooth comb for when I curl my hair, gives it more volume by the way.  I wanted to try Cover Girl’s voluminous mascara. I also wanted to try Maybelline’s graphic eyeline & the 14 hour lipstick. The pink color is Perpetual Peony and the darker pink is eternal rose (tinted more pink than red). Then, I have Revlon’s color burst matte lipstick in Unapologetic πŸ˜‰

I was running out of my Aragon oil for my hair so I picked this one up as well.  It was $6.  I love, love, love Aragon oil. I finally found something that tamed my hair.  LAST, but not least, I FINALLY got my hands on this New York bronzer from physicians formula.  The blush is also the same brand and though it was so cute! It’s all about the packaging!  You definitely need to get to ulta and get these for 40% off!

Lastly,  I thought about doing a video tutorial of my curly hair. If any of you follow me on Instagram and seen my hair curly, let me know if you would like a tutorial up 😁 something like the picture below.


Well, later beauties. I should be posting more now that tax season is over.



2 thoughts on “ULTA HAUL

    1. Thanks love! Girl, Ulta has a 40% sale right now! Shop online if you can’t get to one! It’s on Maybelline, physicians formula, NYX, and Revlon! I will definitely check out your blog!


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