Gold liner

1. NYX Gold eyeliner:
This is like $3-4.  If i just want a simple look, i just use this on top of my black liner and half of my bottom liner.  It gives the eyes a pop. 🙂

Maybelline liquid

2. Maybelline Master Precise:
If you want the perfect cat eye, this is one of the best eyeliners!  It lasts a long time, and because of the sharpness, it is very controllable.  It is easy to take off at night.  Runs for about $6-7. ❤

Too Faced

3. Too Faced Shadow Insurance:
I’ve been using this to make my eyeshadow stay longer and for my eyeshadow to not crease.  It is moisturizing.  I don’t know how much this runs for at Sephora because I got this as a sample.

Urban Decay Primer Potion

4. Urban Decay Primer Potion:
I switch back and forth form using Too Faced and the Urban Decay eyeshadow primer.  This is probably my favorite one because I love Urban Decay.  I got this one at Nordstrom Rack for $8, I’m sure.  You don’t need a giant one for $20 from Sephora, I think that’s a little ridiculous.  This is a mini size and it lasts me till now, and i still have some left.

Makeup Forever

5. Makeup Forever Pro Finish Foundation Powder:
I love this stuff!  Makeup forever is also another favorite brand I love.  This powder is very light weight and makes you feel like you don’t even have foundation on!  It has full coverage as well.  ❤ Definitely try this out if you haven’t yet!

Elf Blush

6. Elf Blush Pink Passion:
This is one of my favorite blushes.  It is very affordable and the pigment is just awesome!  You can get this almost anywhere.  I believe I got mine from Target.

Melted Fig

7. Too Faced Melted Fig:
This is my new favorite color!! ❤  I’m hoping to collect all of the Melted colors some day 🙂  These run for $21.  The color is beautiful and long lasting!  It is also matte.  My last post shows me wearing this color.

Well, beautiful people I have more posts to come because I just bought some stuff from Ulta and Sephora.  Have a great Sunday!  I am off to Sunday brunch 🙂



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