Mary Kay Haul!

Hello Everyone!  Hope you all had a Happy New Year and hope it started out great!  First news that I want to share with you is off topic, but I am VERY excited about it!  I applied for an internship at RubinBrown during tax season and got offered the job!  Yayyyyy!  I cannot wait to start!  🙂

In any event…It’s a Mary Kay Haul today!  I ordered my Mary Kay products through one of my friends.  I have known about these products throughout the year and got to try them at a party, and supported my friend and bought some great things!

Mary Kay Haul
So I got the brush cleaner, which was $10 for a decent size bottle!  The smaller bottle is a finishing spray.  Then we have the ultimate mascara because I needed another one and of course it’s one of my holy grails.  The white tube is a lash primer.  I’ve never used one before, but thought I would give it a try!  The last thing is the compact.  This thing is AWESOME!
Mary Kay Compact
So you have to buy everything separately.  The three mini eyeshadows, the applicators, blush, and lip gloss.  The lipgloss is in Shock Tart.  From left to right of the eyeshadow, it is Spun Silk, Granite, and Truffle.  The blush is Strawberry.  The neat thing about this compact is that the colors won’t fall out because it is magnetic.  To take the eyeshadow or blush out, there is a little latch on the side you pull out, then it pops the blush and the outer eyeshadow palette out. 🙂  Very user friendly.  The compact will not get scratched or anything because it has some type of special coating on it.  Once you close the compact, the lipgloss or lipstick you choose to put there does not fall out either.

Well, Beauties I hope you all had a great day!  I will post my December favorites soon!




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