Sorry I’ve been MIA lately!  But of course it was finals week!  I am on winter break now so hopefully more posts!  I love updating and sharing with you guys about the products I’ve bought and used.  I’ve been coming up with ideas and you’ll just have to wait and see!
Vice 3
So the picture above, I used the Vice 3 palette by Urban Decay 🙂  Here’s how to get this look…
First off: Prime your eyes ladies, eye shadows will not crease and stay on longer.
Lid: lucky
Crease: Reign
Inner tear duct: Last Sin
Bottom liner: I used Revolver to line the bottom of my eyes.

I bought these on Cyber Monday!  They were $12 for each.  If you have the right brushes, it makes the biggest difference in how your eyeshadow or even how makeup lays on your face!
NUMBER THREE:  This is the Sydney Tote from Fossil.  I bought myself a present for working so much over Thanksgiving break.  My hours were insane and not to mention working Black Friday.  INSANITY!  I have been looking for this tote every where and Macy’s finally put it on their website!


Well, enjoy loves!  More updates to come!



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