I FOUND A NEW MASCARA!  I don’t know if you guys have read my holy grail post about the mascara I’m always using (Ultimate mascara by Mary Kay).  I finally found another mascara that works and it’s a drugstore brand!  This one is L’oreal Managa…..and no, it does not make you look animated like the packaging shows, but your lashes look awesome! 🙂 It basically curls your lashes for you.

And for the second item…


I finally got my hands on this!  The Anastasia Beverly Hills contour kit!  I have been waiting a like 6+ months for this!  If you can find this at any Sephora, definitely invest in it!  It retails for $40.  I ordered mine online because they go really fast.  There are six colors: three highlighting and three contour.  If you get your hands on this, enjoy loves!



One thought on “TWO THINGS!

  1. Reblogged this on Kristina Gard and commented:
    Hey readers! This girl is amazing. She has posted about a mascara that I wanted to share next Monday, but has already done the work for me! Check it out!


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