Self Tan product review

So I don’t know if you beauties have heard of Nicole Guerriero, but she is probably one of my favorite youtubers. Anyways I bought this tanning mousse from million dollar tan.

It’s pretty awesome! It doesn’t leave streaks and doesn’t have a bad odor at all! Makes you have a nice golden look, and the color lasts 7-10 days. It takes 6-8 hours to develop so what I did was shower, and then applied the mousse every where (I bought an applicator mitt from Ulta). I did this before I went to sleep since it takes 6-8 hours for the color to show.

The tall tanning house bottle is for the body and the smaller one is for the face. The one for your face does not clog your pores, but you can use the body mousse for your face as well. Here is a before and after:





If you use the code from Nicole Guerriero it gives you 15% off your order!


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