Calling all mascara junkies!  Even though I may not be one, this is by far my holy grail of mascara and the only one I use!  I’ve been trying for a VERY long time to find the perfect one, and I FINALLY found it!  I’ve tried others like Clinique, Maybelline (some I can use), Cover Girl, NYX, you name it.  It always irritated my lashes.

This is the Mary Kay Ultimate Mascara.  It was $15, but I bought it from my friend who sells Mary Kay to help them out.  If you don’t know anyone who sells it, you would have to go through a consultant.  It is well worth the money though.  It curls your lashes for you and even when you remove it at night, the next morning your lashes are still curled!  It also makes your lashes appear longer.

Definitely would rate it 5 stars! 🙂

Mary Kay

Leave a comment and let me know what your holy grail is.  Doesn’t have to be a mascara just any product you always use when you do your makeup.


4 thoughts on “HOLY GRAIL!

  1. My mom’s a MK consultant also! I’ve tried all the mascara, and my favorite is Lash Love. The brush on the ultimate seems to have too much product on it for my liking.


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